2-3 September 2021

(Call for Papers)

English philosopher John Stuart Mill defined the 19th century as a period of transition in which a break from the old institutions and principles emerged; however, the new ones had not been adopted yet. About two centuries after Mill, it is possible to claim that not only the British society but also the whole world is experiencing what the Victorians once experienced. Considering the deepening environmental problems, Gen Z’s imminent radical influence on the social, political and intellectual life, normalization in the visions of future oscillating between the utopian and dystopian scenarios due to the COVID-19 and the global political crises, it seems that the present world can well be defined as a period of transition having prospects of negative and positive outcomes. The philosophical and aesthetic inquiries in Mill’s time led to ‘modernism’, and modernism’s search for answers to the ‘new’ questions of humanity ended up with ‘postmodernism’. Though these ‘movements’ date back to the late 19th and the early 20th century,  modernism’s emphasis on novelty- as epitomized Ezra Pound’s maxim ‘Make it New!’- and postmodernism’s self-definition as being ‘after’ modernism- without a temporal limit- have carried these ‘movements’ and the related debates well into the 21st century.   

“Modernism and Postmodernism Studies Conference 2021” organized by Atatürk University and Modernism and Postmodernism Studies Network is an international peer-review event and it is the second conference of the Network that examines these concepts with a comprehensive interdisciplinary perspective. Our first conference was successfully held online by the Network in collaboration with Kocaeli University in July 2020 with a large number of participants and an audience despite all the negative outcomes of pandemic. Inevitably, the 2021 the conference will be held online and it will be held in collaboration with Ataturk University. It is open to a range of disciplines including Literature, Philosophy, Sociology, Fine Arts and other disciplines in humanities and social sciences. Contributions are invited on, but not restricted to, the following topics: modernism, modern, modernization, modernist; postmodernism, postmodernity, postmodern, postmodernization, postmodernist and the related topics. One of the goals of the Conference is also to include studies discussing new projections and new conceptualizations on the 21st century problems after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Abstracts are accepted by the Conference Scientific / Referee Board at the end of a double-blind referee evaluation process and the accepted abstracts will be announced on the specified date. The accepted abstracts will be electronically published in a book of abstracts. Furthermore, according to the recommendation of the Editorial Board, selected full papers will be published either in the December 2021 issue of Journal of Modernism and Postmodernism Studies or in the Book of Proceedings after another double-blind peer-review process.

Please send your abstracts (200-300 words), and a short bio (50-100 words), in a single Microsoft Word Document, to until 16 July 2021.